Friday, August 13, 2010

Geraldine as a Member of Congress

Representative Maxine Waters is in a heap of trouble over ethics charges.   This morning one paper aired part of her defense.  It reminded me of Flip Wilson's characters - Geraldine who explained a lot of her life from the notion of "The devil made me do it."   Waters was quoted as defending her intervention with the Secretary of the Treasury in behalf of a bank in which her husband owned a fairly substantial position of stock by saying "The question at this point should not be why I called Secretary Paulson, but why I had to," she said. "The question at this point should be why a trade association representing over 100 minority banks could not get a meeting at the height of the crisis."

Flip Wilson was a comic genius.  Unfortunately, Representative Waters may actually believe that her defense is credible.  Seems to me that Geraldine's "The Devil made me do it" would be more credible.

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