Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Understanding "Holy Kadelka"

Tonight as I was driving home from the office, I caught the Rivercats game. and by the time I was home, Round Rock had racked up 6 runs. By the end of the first they had added another three.  Then two in the second.

The Cats announcer, Johnny Doskow, has a phrase that comes out every once in a while "Holy Kadelka."  It is one of those phrases that is hard to put in context.  After the first the Cats were not done.  They added 5 in the 4th, 2 in the 6th and then one in the 7th.  But they were still 5 down.  But then they got to the ninth, Baisley did a three run homer, Sogard picked up an RBI,  then a wild pitch to Buck and that was all that Corey Wimberly needed to score a final run.

The Fresno Grizzlies were ahead of the Isotopes and we split with the bottom hugging Round Rock. The last series between  the Grizzlies and Round Rock, had the Grizzlies dropping 3 out of 4.

Final score in this game 13-11 - Holy Kadelka!!!

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