Sunday, August 29, 2010

A superb series

The Rivercats ended their five game series with Fresno today.  There were three significant stats from the game - in addition to our movement into first place - the first time since July.  (Remember that at the end of June we were 12 games back).   First, we scored 33 runs to their 16.   But second, three of those games, including the one that Fresno won, were one run games.   Finally, on Friday and Saturday we blew them out (11-3 and 12-4).

The Cats seemed up for this series.  Anthony Recker came into the series with 5 homers - he ended the series with 9.   Our new kid (Jermaine Mitchell, who is so new he does not have his name on his uniform) who had had a rough couple of ups since he was brought up got his first hit and RBI in the same game in AAA ball.

Sacramento is batting four from the bottom in the league (at .269) while Fresno is fourth from the top (.280).  Vegas and Colorado are batting two and three - but Colorado is 9 games out in their division and Vegas is 12 1/5 out.  We're third in pitching at this point and would probably be higher were it not for our record on errors.  Vegas has had 240 more runs scored against it than we have; Colorado 160.    Fresno, by the way is 17 ahead of us - amazingly that is the margin we beat them by in this series.  Tacoma is even more tight with runs than we are - 20 fewer than we've had scored against us.

We finish the season with four against Las Vegas (here) and then four against Colorado.   The Grizzlies go to Salt Lake and then end at home against Tacoma.  Regardless of how the season ends, it was great to see the Cats play up to their potential.

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