Monday, August 02, 2010

Don Cafe has retired

Facebook has a number of games, including something called Mafia Wars.  Mafia Wars has a number of venues - from New York, the Cuba, the Bangkok, to Las Vegas (I never quite got the idea of Cuba being the only country in the list.)  The game, like other Facebook simulations involves tasks and loot.  You can get all sorts of goodies by doing things.  If you score a certain number of points you advance levels.  At the current time I have the following loot - New York $204,750,521,603;  Cuba (Pesos) $37,252,446; Bangkok (Bhat) $3,711,736; Moscow (Rubles) $9,652,310,561.  In addition, I have lots of real estate which produces income and could be sold off. You can also get collections of things like cars and guns and art.  I have tons of those.   Because I have accumulated wealth I am able to own lots of properties and they generate income.  Unfortunately, the game also allows you to be robbed and killed.  During my career as Don Cafe I have "iced" 330 opponents.  But fights can happen even when you are off line.   I completed almost 6000 jobs, lost more fights than that, and picked up a strange array of goodies.  The game, to keep interest, offers a bunch of special opportunities - for example they gave you a chance to steal the world cup - but those seem mostly diversions.

The real intent of the game is to get you to buy points from Zynga which allow you to get through the levels quicker.  I just could not do that.

Unlike the real mob - you cannot transfer funds between states.  You have a fixed rate of cut for the banks to deposit money and you cannot convert money from your criminal empire into the grey economy or even better into the regular economy (no Don Corleone here).  From my perspective, there is another problem with the game, it takes longer and longer to play.  You need to find special things and then to monitor each of the areas you are operating in - when I quit I also had Las Vegas starting up.  As Betty White said about Facebook in general - it just seems like a waste of time.

There is one other problem with the game - it is Flash based and so every once in a while it slows down or crashes.  I just do not have the time to be that annoyed.  Now- bejeweled blitz - ok I am staying with that.

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