Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More thoughts on the election

We went to dinner tonight in North Carolina. One of the servers we had had a New Jersey accent so we struck up a conversation. She is an interesting woman - I thought she was about 25 - yet she has a 22 year old child. She and her husband are both in school - she in a medical program - he in an MBA.

She expressed two concerns - first about one of her colleague's comments to her about her accent - she had his patois down perfectly - cracker one. And he was trying to instruct her about how terrible her Jersey accent was. She was angry.

Then she talked about the problems of being in the middle class. Her vote this fall will depend on who is the toughest on immigrants. She does not like McCain but she will look for the candidate who is the least receptive to immigrants.

It was an odd combination. But it may portend a good part of the electorate this fall.

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