Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Initial Thoughts About California's Part of Super Tuesday

The vote in California was interesting but there are a lot of unsolved issues coming from it. Voters soundly rejected both Proposition 92 and Proposition 93 - the Community College diversion of funds and the term limits shenanigans. But they also accepted all of the Indian Gaming Propositions. Although I voted NO on all four of those it was a close call and I think I lot of Californians simply said "let's continue to give them a chance."

On the presidential voting the two images tell the story. Clinton and McCain seem to have scored a pretty strong win - although Obama certainly won more counties than Romney. (14-3)

One final thought. The pundits made two projections that seem to have turned out wrong. First, they suggested a Romney and Obama surge at the end. That could have happened but there were a lot of early voters - whose ballots were not affected by the surge. Second, they thought super Tuesday would be a knockout for Huckabee - and not in California but in the rest of the country - that does not seem to have happened. We may wait a couple of weeks or even months to see who the final candidates are.

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