Sunday, August 27, 2006

When Magic Numbers no longer count then miracles do

Last night the Rivercats lost to a team they have dominated all season for the third time in a row. At the same time the Tuscon Sidewinders won their fifth straight in three days against the Tacoma Raniers. (Actually the number of the Raniers losses is six but the two double header wins in a row plus one last night is impressive enough on its own!) With 9 games left we are nine games out. That means Tuscon who is playing .622 ball must lose 9 straight and Sacramento must go on a 9 game winning streak - which would be the longest of the season. None of that is impossible, just very, very highly improbable.

All season in our section we have been commenting about how this has become a "character building" season for fans. In the first six seasons we won a lot of championships. This year at many times it did not look possible to repeat. The last four home games will be fun none-the-less. Although now the stakes are different.

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