Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Wait

With the win by the Sidewinders on Sunday the hunt for the division championship was over. Last night's game with the Sidewinders had a certain anti-climactic feeling to it. Adam Pettyjohn pitched a reasonably good game except for a disastrous first inning where the Sidewinders scored 6 runs. For the rest of the game we scored 4 runs they scored 1 - but those first six put the game out of reach. There are three games left at home with the Sidewinders and then a weekend series against Colorado.

Last night involved a lot of chatter in the stands. In our area there was wonder about whether the Keystone Kops of Boulder, now that Mr. Karr has been found to not have been involved, would be flown back to Thailand and whether the papers would cover his meal as closely as they did on the trip east. There was also some excitement on Baseball Bingo - had they run one more inning I would have won - for the first time ever - Jeremy Brown got a single in the eighth. But like the rest of the season, the two grass seats for a future game (which is the prize bestowed on winners) was not to be.

After Thursday night, which coincidentally is also the last night of the legislative session, the wait for April's opening night comes again. There are the playoffs - and if Tuscon plays like they have all season, they should win. They could conceivably win 90 games this year (which was where the Rivercats were in one of their PCL championship seasons).

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