Saturday, August 05, 2006


Leaving Raley's Field, originally uploaded by drtaxsacto.

Last night's Rivercat's game was anything but satisfying. For the previous two nights the team had the spark of teams past - but last night they just could not get it together. The Memphis Redbirds won 8-2 -with a Tuscon win that puts the Cats 12 games out. There were some flashes - Charles Thomas made a spectacular flying catch (he does that a lot) in the ninth inning. D' Angelo Jimmenez was moved back to the A's - he has had a wacky season - he played 25 games for us and hit .177 in his first 62 at bats. In his last 37 at bats, however, he has been hitting .514.

Andrew Beattie, who has been in sort of a slump all season, has also asked for his release. We had lunch with Beattie last season and he was a nice kid. No college - went straight to baseball. I wish him well.

The picture came after the game. Here was a dad wheeling his daughter back to the car. She is relaxed in her plastic wagon with a soda and a blanket. Two siblings were behind her - walking. But she, in my mind, was the picture of contentment.

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