Monday, August 07, 2006

Ninth Inning Stands

Tonight's game against the Nashville Sounds was special. (Even though I did not stay to see the end of it - I have a very early plane in the morning.) Bottom of the ninth, two outs. Mike Rouse comes up and hits a homer. That brings us back to 4-2. Two more get on and then Hiram Bocachica who has had a hard couple of games comes to the plate. They put Hiram out in right field - yesterday he fielded a couple back in odd ways - for example he moved one to third that was so high Scott McClain did not even bother to try to jump for it - that scored a couple of runs. But tonight - for at least the second time this season, Hiram boomed one out to score three runs and win the game.

The rest of the game was pretty boring. After Saturday night's game when they played very well, Sunday's (the first against the Sounds) was a lackluster event. Tonight's started out (for the first 8 2/3 innings) the same way. The season has been like that there have been two instances during the season when we left a sure loser only to listen to the win on the radio going home.

There are 27 games left. That puts us 12 games behind - were we in Nashville's division we would be tied for first. Tuscon is 6-4 in the last 10 - we are 7-3 - but for us to pull this season out we would need to keep that torrid pace up and then take most of the remaining 8 games from Tuscon. That is improbable - but then so was tonight's win.

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