Friday, August 25, 2006

Candidates who need to get a life....

Jean Schmidt represents a district in Ohio. On one blog there is a lot of chatter about whether Representative Schmidt faked a 1993 photo of her finishing the Columbus marathon. She serves on Transportation and Infrastructure, Agriculture and Government Reform. She hails from Clermont county which is around Cincinati. Schmidt is a first term member who defeated a democrat to go to congress. She is 100% for Prolife, 90% for Americans for Tax Reform, 100% for the farm bureau, 100% for the sand and gravel association, she seems to be a pretty consistent 0% for the loon left.

Here is what we know about this twitterpation around the photo. #1 - Representative Schmidt is a long distance runner who has completed a lot of marathons. #2 - Her opponent Nate Noy who is running a write in campaign for her seat has accused her of faking a photo of the finish of this particular race. He argues that Ms. Schmidt is the 433 most powerful person in the House. I am not sure how he came up with that ranking but that is what he argues. He also accuses Rep. Schmidt of lying about a degree - actually a certificate in secondary education. That is still listed on her biographical statement at vote smart. #3 - Ms; Schmidt's democrat opponent is a classic liberal. Daily Kos ignores the photogate issue but still thinks she is not a nice person. Kos spent a lot of time checking out whether she ran a dynamic 3:19 in the race and then concludes "Not only is the shadow thing easily explained by the crop of the photo, but I have confirmation that she did, in fact, finish the race at her claimed time…. It’s a non-story. Let’s focus on her other [sic] unsavory characteristics." Gee I wonder which blogger is a bit too impressed with himself (not the guy who claims to be the Lieberman vexer - yes the very same one).

So what do you have here? A whole bunch of hyperventilation about whether this member of congress actually ran a mediocre time in a marathon and whether her write in opponent has a couple of screws loose. We also have a conventional race - she is not ranked in the top 50 races in the National Journal rankings.

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