Thursday, October 06, 2005

Walter Cronkite Shows he is Stuck on Stupid

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I don't normally watch Larry King - lord knows there is little reason to do that. But last night his guest showed the arrogance that has led his former network and its media pals to irrelevence. The former voice of CBS news commented that we (Americans) were too stupid to elect our president and other officials.

As I thought about his comments, I wondered whether this was a recent infliction or whether it had been with us for more than five years. I thought about the picture, widely published at the time by the Washington Post and other news media, of him floating off Martha's Vineyard with then president Clinton. I also wondered whether Cronkite is really that dumb or whether he just thought nobody ever listens to Larry King. The formerly mainstream media has operated on an assumption that they can tell us reality and that we will buy it. Walter, if you have not looked recently we are not buying that anymore.

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