Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Renewing old friends

A bit more than a decade ago I began to work in Mexico - it came about because I received a folder from my predecessor that included a business card with an email address on it. The card was from the then president of CETYS - a private university in Baja California. Move forward to today and I met with the current rector and his current staff - to talk about possible areas of collaboration. We had a good discussion. Were CETYS in California - just a couple of miles away - it would surely be a part of my association. It looks and feels like a good place that cares about students.

The rector taught me an equation - E= I*F. Education is the product of information (all the things you learn - the facts) times formation (all the things that should happen in the best places of education - the clubs, the values, the sports, etc). Have E without both parts and you get something considerably less useful. I like the clarity of that thought.

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