Monday, April 01, 2013

The Curious World of Newspapers

I have been a WSJ subscriber for several decades. Last year when I re- subscribed I asked whether they offered an educators rate for the E-edition. They don't.

I think the EJournal is the best of breed - it is timely and really uses the new medium of technology very well. But their subscription department is not as good. I wrote when I renewed about that.

Lets get some facts on the table. My subscription is inexpensive. But I found from a friend at Journal that it costs them 35 cents to bring my paper to the house each day. I am willing to have them forgo that cost.

But if you want E only delivery you have 3 options. #1 - the e only option is $21 per month. A lot more than my rate. #2 - I can suspend delivery, but only for 60 days at time. #3 - I can choose to send my subscription to another address. I immediately called my son in law who said ( he is after all a smart guy) "I don't want any more paper in my house, I haven't bought a book or paper in a couple of years...."

So I will end up moving my delivery address to my old office. That seems odd and silly. But as this post says it is a curious world for newspapers.

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