Friday, April 05, 2013

A (we would hope) rare treat LIVE BLOGGED AT THE GAME

Sometimes you have a bad night. If you don't believe it just ask Luke Montz. Montz is normally one of three catchers but with Barton being reassigned back to the Cats - he has gotten the joy of playing the hot corner at first.

In the third inning he got two lousy throws from Parrino (the shortstop) but failed to do what great first basemen are able to do.  Later in the game the Cats added a third error, as if that were not enough.   Montz did not look good at first; but then his play mirrored the rest of the team.   The first two outings have been lackluster.

Chavez lasted 5 innings with 5 hits - but those errors cost us.

Early in the season requires patience - for fans and temporarily reassigned catchers.

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