Friday, April 05, 2013

Opening Night

On Monday we went to a scrimmage between the Stockton Ports and the Rivercats.   It was a pretty entertaining set of innings although the crowd was tiny (perhaps 1000 fans).   The Cats showed off a couple of new pitchers who looked pretty good.

Last night was the season opener.   About the only entertainment for the evening was hearing the stories about the Las Vegas 51s manager, who has a couple of videos up on You Tube with his potty mouth.

The Cats lost 10-5 to the Las Vegas 51s.   For most of the game they just did not seem together until Grant Green hit a 3 run homer in the bottom of the ninth.   In the end the Cats ended up with a respectable 9 hits (the 51s had 11).   Andrew Werner, who is a new Cats pitcher, starts the season with an unimpressive 4 innings and an ERA of 16.62.

Minor league ball is interesting because it often takes a while to get the team to jell.  The opening homestand includes three more games with the 51s and then four with Tacoma.

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