Monday, April 22, 2013

Housekeeping in Baseball (live blogged with some later additions)

One of the key traditions in Baseball is the rule of housekeeping in the stands. While a lot of stadiums, including Raley Field, try to get fans to pick up they are only partially successful. Here is my seat in the bottom of the fourth.

We won the game (3-1) but as the game progressed we began to look at some stats for this young season.   At the end of the game last night the team had scored 127 runs in the first 19 games of the season.   The closest team to us is Tuscon with 115.   But our win/loss record is 9-10.   So why?  Well, almost half of those runs were scored in the recently completed away set at Reno - where we scored 60.   Indeed, we have scored 77 of those runs just against Reno.

There are some other stats that are not so nice.  We have averaged more than 1 error per game including the 4 last night - 23 in total.   But 14 of those come from just four players (Green, Montz and Horton with 4-4-3 and Parino with 3 but only 6 game appearances).   The good thing about that stat is that some of those were concentrated in the first couple of games.  The bad thing is that the numbers are continuing to grow.   With those lopsided numbers we still have a couple of things to solve (I did not mention Team ERA (which at 5.61 puts us pretty high up in the league) but which is improving).

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