Sunday, April 28, 2013

Opening Day

For the past several years I have fished opening day for Trout season with a bunch of guys somewhere in Northern California or Southern Oregon.  Fishing during this time of the year is often spotty.   For many years we went to the Truckee river, in part because it was close and one of the people had a cabin near there.

But this year we found a location that was almost ideal.  While the water is not as wide or deep as some of the places I like to fish, and the fish are generally smaller, the location offers a lot of opportunities. The fish are plentiful.  The water is mostly pretty clear so you have to begin behind where the fish are and let the fly come back to them.  These are wild fish so they can be very spooky.   Five of our group were able to fish all day without bumping into each other or, indeed, without seeing other fly fishermen.   We did see some locals who use spin cast set ups.   But even those were few and far between.

I fished most of the day with a variety of dry flies - which means that part of the fun is watching the fish come up and grab the fly.  Yesterday was unseasonably warm and so two in our party actually wet waded - which means they did not wear normal waders.

One of the benefits of living where I do is that one can find a broad range of excellent fishing opportunities within a few hours of home.   But when you find a spot like this you tend to want to keep it to a small, select group of individuals.  You may be asking OK Drtaxsacto where is this spot?  What I did not mention was that we found the spot with two guides who we have fished with before.   The are superb guides so if you want to find it, and it is worth the find, you might want to send a note to the guides we worked with - Confluence Outfitters.

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