Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Best Burger in Town

Burgess Brothers Burgers opened yesterday at 2114 Sutterville Road. (Near Sac City College) Without equivocation, they now serve the best burgers in town.

You may know Burgess Brothers from their catering.  They do chili and ribs and burgers at all sorts of events like last year's 9/11 Run in downtown.  For those of us that have had their chili or trip-tip or ribs - we've been waiting with anticipation.

So what makes them special?  The burger is a generous patty, a flavorful bun and all the trimmings and also a choice of a couple of different kinds of sauces.   The rest of the menu - ribs and tri-tip and chili is also good.  You have a choice of fountain drinks.   What amazed me most was the pricing.  My wife and I had two burgers, two drinks and fries for under $15.   Quality and a bargain!

There is a small patio out front and plenty of seating inside.   One other hint about the place - they list two desserts - a Root Beer Float and a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup - if you order what we did you may not have room for the dessert.

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