Thursday, August 02, 2012

One of the best games of the season

Last night the Rivercats came back to Raley Field.  I have not written much about the Cats this season - in part because,although they are leading the league, there has not been a lot to write about.  Earlier in the season they went through a series of walk-off wins.   But last night was against the Memphis Redbirds - which for a long time held first or second in attendance in the PCL.

We scored first with a Grant Green homer in the third - they answered with a single from Adron Chambers.   But then they followed it up with a (no doubt about it) homer by Matt Adams.

But then we came into the eighth.  Daric Barton led off with his seventh homer.   We then went quickly down two outs.   Rosales and Mitchell singled.   Then Cowgill singled to get Rosales across the plate.   And then Josh Donaldson hit a SUD (Stand Up Double) that scored the fifth run.  Donaldson was pumped by the hit.   The hit was so good that one of the Redbirds came over and congratulated him.   We ended up winning 5-2.

Godfrey pitched well but still received a no decision.

The setup for the game was fine - but those two innings (7&8) were just plain exciting.

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