Thursday, August 02, 2012

3000 Miles

My Award
In mid-August of last year we had a friend and his wife come up to see a Rivercats game.  He had a small device called a FitBit - which is a digital pedometer.   I was intrigued with it because it allowed you to track steps each day and to get a pretty good estimate of distance walked and things like calories burned.  I went out and bought one - for about $100.   Each night or even every couple of days you can connect it to a laptop and record your data effortlessly.    Tonight I recorded my 3000th mile using the device.   That is in about 11 months and 20 days.  The thing is easy to use, a bit fragile but for someone like me who is obsessed with data, it is pretty neat.   Since we got our dog I think I have averaged more than 10 miles a day between walking the dog and normal exercise (and, of course, the normal things you do each day.   My biggest one day total was a bit more than 18 miles.

I found that I broke through a couple of the devices- because if you try to attach it to some article of clothing it can break.   At the same time the holder they supply is horrible.   I have been through three of them in a year - it is very easy to catch the thing on a car door or some other thing you interact with and so I have destroyed four of them (I have also broken two of the devices) - durability would be a plus here.

But all in all the Fitbit is pretty slick.  You can compete against others and post to all social media.  The newer model also allows you to figure out how many stairs you have climbed in the day.  Both models also allow you to track sleep - although I have not used it for that.   IN all this is a great product for the money.

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