Thursday, August 30, 2012

OK, so it wasn't that bad....

Photo from the Rivercats Site
Last night the Rivercats clinched their sixth Pacific Southern Division title.   What we do not know yet is who we will play in the first round of the playoffs.    While the Tacoma Raniers are out of the race there is still a chance that either the Reno Aces or the Colorado Sky Sox could take the other part of the Pacific Division.   The Sky Sox are still three games off the pace with only 5 games left but the 51s have lost two in a row.

This year we get the first two games in each series which are then followed up by three games played at the opponent's field.  So we play here on September 5 and 6 and then go to the Northern Division winner's home field for the last three games.  If we win the Pacific Division they we play the winner of the American Division.   We hold the season against both teams (Reno or Colorado).   Both fields are a bit poppier - that is especially true for Colorado.   We've got the best pitching in the league (.407 ERA) but our batting is in the middle (.276).   The real worry is who the As will pull up from their 40 person roster.

Earlier in the season the player pictured above was hitting poorly with the big club(Jemile Weeks) - but in his assignment back here he has done very well.  There are three or four hitters and pitchers which if they get taken up to the As could change the dynamics of the team.  One final comment, Darren Bush has managed a lot of moves in the roster this year (I think we have more than in any other season) - so that should give us hope.   Playoff seats are available if you are so inclined.

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