Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Idiot Lieutenant Governor

The President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Daniel Richards, went to Idaho on a hunting trip and bagged a cougar.   He was photographed with the cougar he shot.

It is illegal to shoot cougars in California (although quite legal in Idaho).   The San Francisco Comical had a hissy fit on Commissioner Richard's expedition and has been hyperventilating with the Humane Society and other groups to censure him for doing this legal activity.
Then our lame Lieutenant Governor decided to weigh in too.   This is a stunning demonstration of Gavin Newsome's excess hat over horse.

The Fish and Game Commission's job is to promote outdoor sports.   As an avid catch and release fly fisherman I have appreciated the Commission's work.   I am not a hunter but this tempest is simply silly.  Mr. Lieutenant Governor why don't you keep your public comments to analysis of things you are competent in, like the addressing the best types of hair spray?

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