Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

On Monday I went to Chicago for a meeting and returned in the same day.   That is not an extraordinary length to travel - about 1800 miles each way.   And when I was younger I did a lot of trips like that.  

At one point when I was when I was working to build a specialized insurance carrier for higher education I flew from California to Bermuda for a meeting on a Thursday, returned to California on a Friday, and then returned to Florida on early Sunday morning for a speech Sunday night.   But that was then and this is now.

Two things have changed.  First, the air traffic system from where I live in Sacramento - in order to get an inexpensive flight - requires more than one stop.  So the trip required four flight segments.   Second, I am a bit older and that make travel a bit less fun.   I have a bit more than 2 million miles on one carrier (United) and about another million on assorted other carriers but travel is still less easy than it once was.  I left on a 6 AM flight and got back about a half hour after midnight on the return.

One thing that was great - all of my flights were on time (except the last one - which was about 40 minutes late based on a screw up of the ground crew in Denver) so I was able to have a good meeting.  But at the end of the very long day I was tuckered out.   Well today is to Xalapa but I will be there for a couple of days.

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