Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Fair Oaks Rotary Crab Feed

This is purely local.   Last night we attended the Fair Oaks Rotary Club's annual Crab Feed.  In Northern California around this time of year there are many Crab Feeds.  The normal deal is for about $40 a group offers salad, bread, pasta and all you can eat Dungeness crab and then a dessert.   There are variations in the format but most give you mediocre pre-courses for a lot of fresh crab.   Often the group does a silent auction or raffle to raise funds at the event.

The Fair Oaks Rotary Crab was different. They had the raffles and the silent auction (which had some interesting stuff).  But the difference was the quality of the food - everything was first rate - and they added a tasty soup before the pasta.  The Rotary club here does a lot of things for the community and this is one of their big fund-raisers.  But if you are in the Sacramento area - you should check this one out.

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Garry Ladouceur said...

I flew a lot for meetings. In Canada. to get anywhere you basically have to fly. It is a big country. Loved flying and the business class lounges and the free booze.

I hate it now and wont fly to the states. I feel like a bit of fried meat there. So to get home to europe I take a direct flight, usually to london but often spain. It always costs more. us stop flights are usually quite a bit cheaper. If I cant get these direct flights to switzerland which is my home, I go to toronto or montreal and from there to europe.