Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The NEW Sacramento Children's Museum

Yesterday we went to the new Sacramento Children's Museum with our younger grandson.   When you enter you are told that the kids are the guides - and indeed they are.    We spent about two hours in all sorts of venues.  There are some science experiments and some places like the one above which is a recreation of a store (the type changes every few months - currently a Japanese store - in December it was Mexican).  It is unclear whether some of the other exhibits will change over time.  There is a water play area, a painting area, a couple of opportunities to dress up in various professions, a solar project, a couple of elementary motion experiments and a flow project which uses a clear tube system to move things around like scarves and soft balls.

The colors are bright and cheery and our grandson seemed to have a wonderful time.  It is a superb new resource for kids in the city.

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