Thursday, March 01, 2012

First you say you do, and then you don't

 The Pew Research Center released some polling today which I found interesting.   GOP voters and Democrat voters have almost opposite reactions to the role of churches and colleges in society.  The GOP voters are more impressed with churches and religious organizations and by an almost opposite number democratic voters are more impressed with colleges and universities.   That is not at all surprising.   GOP voters are really grumpy about labor unions and the entertainment industry as well as congress and the federal government.  Democratic voters are most skeptical about large corporations, congress(albeit by a more generous margin than the GOP), and banks, although generally one could conclude from this poll that democratic voters are a lot less grumpy about most societal institutions than their GOP counterparts.

All of that should not be a surprise.  What amused me is that GOP voters, when asked whether the investment in college was a good investment, they responded that it was very good by higher margins than democratic voters.   As I sad at the beginning, interesting.

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