Saturday, March 17, 2012

The New iPad

This is the fourth generation of iPads for me (WIFI, 3G, iPad 2 and the new one) and it feels like an incremental augmentation to the lineup.  Here is what I found different -

1) Speed - the processor and the connection speed is noticeably better.   I used the new one in a number of places yesterday and today both in WIFI and 4G - and the upload and download speeds are improved.  Also, moving around the iPad is faster - the processor seems to be able to do more than it could before.
2) Display - Everyone is talking about the display - but things like the Type in the WSJ is better.
3) Speech to Text - I have worked with Speech to Text Apps from the original IBM alternative more than a decade ago-  this new implementation is superb and it works across applications.  So I used it in Pages but also even in Safari - to fill in some blanks on a web form.  That is stunningly good.  Not 100% - some of the parts of English are almost impossible to understand - but it is very good and quick.

Walt Mossberg commented that if you like the iPad 2 you should stick with it.  OK, I understand.  But I like the new iPad for these features and more.

I have not watched an HD movie and am unlikely to want to spend the extra dough for an HD version of movies I download - but it could make a difference.

There is one other addition, not specifically a part of the new device that is worth mentioning.  iPhoto is significantly improved.  It offers a set of tools that would be more than adequate for most photo users that are simple to use.   Like Aperture it allows you to revert to the original version at any point if you do not like what you have edited.  This makes the iPad even more useful.   While the camera on this device is improved, the software is a quantum leap.

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