Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rules of Evidence for Political Ambulance Chasers

So Gloria Allred produced her "evidence" this morning. It consisted of a handwritten scrawl - allegedly written in Meg Whitman's husband's hand which advised Allred's (exploited) plaintiff - Nicky check this. As her employer the plaintiff was requested to verify the discrepancy raised by the SSA. The letter in no way asserts that the conflict on numbers suggests an illegal alien.  It merely says the numbers are in conflict and asks the employee/employer to clear it up.

On the most scanti standard of evidence Allred could assert that the Whitmans had knowledge that there may have been a conflict on SSNs, that is it. There is no evidence that Whitman knew her employee was illegal until June, 2009.  According to Allred's own assertion - he plaintiff did not notify Whitman of her illegal status until June of 2009 and at that point the Whitmans immediately terminated the employee.

This is a repeat of Allred's sleazy tactic during the recall election against the current governor.

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