Friday, September 03, 2010

Not my definition of Fan Appreciation Night

Tonight the Rivercats failed to clinch their division.  It was not because Fresno kept alive - they lost to Salt Lake (3-1). We knew about that outcome pretty early in our game.   It was not because our bats were cold - we got four homers (Taylor, Sogard, Everidge and Baisley), and a total of 14 hits and 10 runs.   We did have three errors, although only Hunton's (who eventually got the loss) was catastrophic.  No, it was the 11 walks our pitchers offered up.  Walks that seemed to come at just the wrong time.  Lansford pitched a third of an inning and still offered up 3 - in case you're not counting that is 12 of his 19 pitches were balls.  Hunton, a third of an inning, offered 2 in addition to the bonehead throw to third.

Las Vegas did not even take the lead until the top of the sixth and we got it back in the bottom of that inning.  So their final lead came in the eighth and just to add insult to injury they added 2 in the ninth.

The remainder of our season is in Colorado and we've done pretty well against the Sky Sox.  We are 7-3 for our last 10 (this would have been 10 for 13 had we won); Fresno by the way is 2 and 8, Colorado 6 and 4, and Tacoma 4 and 6.   Salt Lake one and a half out of first in the Northern Division so things could shift for the playoffs.   For now we have to win one or Fresno lose one to get to the divisional championships - the odds look pretty good - unless we play like we did for Fan Appreciation Night.

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