Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Desserts

William Ayres, friend of the President, founder of the Weather Underground and un-repented agitator, who once authored a book dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan was denied emeritus status at the University of Illinois - a favor granted to most who request it.  It turns out that Chris Kennedy, one of Robert F. Kennedy's sons is the current chair of the University of Illinois at Chicago.   Ayres is a lefty nutcase.  He supports the butchery of not only Sihran but Hugo Chavez and was a co-conspirator in the bombing of the house of a New York Judge.  His only comment about all of these prior activities has been ""I feel we didn't do enough." In his apologia for his actions he said he found "a certain eloquence in explosives."

Fine.  If there were real justice he would not only be denied emeritus status but would be required to send back the salary he has collected from the institution.

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