Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another Comment on the Debate

There was one feature of the debate that I really did not like.  The event was co-sponsored by a couple of TV stations(.   For some obvious reasons they asked before the candidates entered to have everyone turn off their cellphones.  But they also prohibited any electronic device.  I had brought my iPad to take notes.  I had it set in the airplane mode so it would not interfere with any of their electronics and I was sitting near the back.  But the audience was prohibited from using any of these devices.  One minor fascist said right before the beginning "You will be immediately ejected" if you use an electronic device.

In my mind they should have been able, in a state where electronic technology is a big part of the deal, to allow the use of laptops or tablets for the purpose of taking notes.   The announced reason for the ban was not the real one.  Had you allowed students and others to use their devices - even with the ringer turned off - there would have been a lot of live blogging.  That might in some small way diminish the impact of the three sponsors of the debate by allowing outside coverage which was immediate.  There is plenty of video on the web but it would have been better to allow live blogging.

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