Thursday, November 01, 2007


This afternoon we lost our 20 1/2 year old cat Teddy. Old age had caught up to him. In cat age he was 87-100. (depends on the calculators you use) In the last few months he seemed to age more quickly. He began to lose weight so that recently he was simply skin and bones. When we got home from the trip to Winston Salem he could not use his hind legs. So this afternoon after a lot of thought and a little prayer we decided to let him go.

When he was healthy he was an affectionate and aloof cat. Those of you who do not own cats will not understand - those that do will. He would seek out people who hated cats when we had visitors, almost instinctively.

His sister, a year younger, seems to be doing quite well - except for the weight problem she has gained in the last six months. She seems to have eaten all of their food for most days. As we tried to maintain Ted with a raft of medicines, she gulped down his food and hers. She probably needs a bit of a diet. In the last few months as he became increasingly unable to feed himself, Little helped to wash him.

The shot was taken yesterday. I had put a food dish down for him so that he could eat. He seemed genuinely appreciative. We will miss him.

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