Sunday, November 25, 2007

CGS and Prop 93

The Center for Governmental Studies released a report on the proposed change in the California Term Limits Law - "Termed Out: Reforming California's Legislative Term Limits" takes a very balanced perspective.

For example, it suggests that it would improve legislative expertise and practice to allow members to serve their entire term in one house. Although the report also notes that only a few people have served out the whole cycle of 14 years under the current standard.

On the other hand it discovers the loophole which will allow more than a third of current members to continue to serve beyond their original limit.

Perhaps the most important finding is that the report did not consider the current law "significantly dysfunctional" although it did suggest that allowing members to serve a longer time in one house would be beneficial.

Not surprisingly both sides spun the report to their advantage - but the report itself is worth reading - it is a careful balanced study.

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