Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Rethinking an earlier post

In a post on February 24, I speculated whether the WSJ as a closed network was limiting its effectiveness. (See the WSJ in February archives). The original post was based on an article in WIRED. This morning I was updating some of my settings for the WSJ and think the original direction may have been wrong.

As you browse the electronic edition - there are a number of direct feeds of the WSJ to subscribers and a more limited number for non-subscribers. Opinon - interestingly enough - goes to both. The feeds can go to a desktop, to an RSS feed, or a mobile device. Thus, for the people who actually consume the news that the WSJ offers the ultimate network is created.

That suggests the ultimate individualized market, which is what Kevin Kelly and others have been writing about for years. Does it work in the news business like it does in other commodities? Why would it not?

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