Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rambling toward corrections - 2 to be exact

In an earlier post, I argued that an earlier version of the Governor's redisticting proposal contained what I thought was a big error. The version would have given a partisan advantage in the structure of how voters were placed into districts - I commented that was a bad idea - but the proposal as it has come out does not have that twist. Regardless, the new one allows, as Tony Quinn suggested in a Bee Editorial on Sunday, for a group of retired judges of the stature of some of the bright lights that have given us ideas from the 9th Circus. (Indeed, it should not be referred to as a circuit - most of their synapses no longer connect) As noted in the earlier post, the idea of creating a partisan neutral redistricting plan is a good one.

#2 - There were press reports that Carly Fiorinna was about to be appointed as head of the World Bank. I speculated with her record at HP - that might not be a bad idea - after all she successfully reduced HPs capital by about 30%. But it turns out that POTUS 43 has nominated Paul Wolfowitz. The neo-con libs love to hate. He is a bright guy and he might be able to do something - to the extent that the World Bank should be encouraged.

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