Wednesday, March 16, 2005

iTunes Dangers

One of the benefits and dangers of iTunes is the amount of music on the site. Buddy Guy is one of the true American innovators. He and Junior Wells (another innovator in the blues) did a series of sides that are true classics. Many of their works were covered by people like Clapton and Ray Charles and all sorts of traditional rockers. If you search the iTunes site there are lots of cuts to choose from. Once you get there it is easy to say - oh. for 99¢ that is ok - let's get that too.

But I finally found one cut that I would like to have that is not there. Wells and Junior Mance and Guy did a long cut at one point called Talking Women Obviously. It is a sly tune. The three tried to be as minimalist as possible - harmonica, guitar, and piano - but very few notes to convey a depth of feeling. I got it from a Best of Buddy Guy album but iTunes does not have it.

So on the one hand there is tons of music on the other - there is more that is not there. OK that is how markets work - but if you really like to hear masters at their craft - that cut is a must.

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