Thursday, February 17, 2005


Today was supposed to be Molly's surgery. But because Davis is a teaching hospital, that got put off to deal with a larger emergency. I spent the afternoon at board meeting of one of the colleges I represent. While the place is an exciting one - there is lots of energy in the students and the faculty and more importantly there is an ascendent feeling there - I spent a lot of time thinking about our dog.

I also talked to an old friend. His wife had cancer a couple of years ago and seems to have survived it - but not without the horrors of chemo. He is bright guy. I worked with him about 30+ years ago - he came from a Washington DC family of prominence. After that he went to law school and then for a PhD in Economics - and then has taught in a couple of places (Emory, Cornell and now Northwestern). He worked in the Reagan FTC - which took back the idiocy from the Carter era of Mike Perchalk (I am sure that is not the way he spelled his name - but he was a demo staffer who took over the FTC and thought that the job of the FTC was to screw up the US economy.

But he came back to academia - wrote a book about the public choice perspective on the legislative process. It was a pretty good book which I used in a course I teach on legislative process. It was good to hear from him - one of his former students will become the Federal attorney for Sacramento. If she learned the law under him - she learned it well.

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