Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mr. 3000 and SOTU

Among my other propensities is a profound like for baseball movies. So last night as I was coming across the country I watched Mr. 3000. I am not a big Bernie Mac fan - I just have never gotten his bit - but I thought he was convincing as an arrogant ball player who when forced back into the majors to get 3 more hits - actually learns some humility. Most of the characters are not very well developed. Some of the scenes are outrageous. But Mac does a good job in convincing you of his character. There are a couple of good supporting roles including Boca (Michael Rispoli) and a couple, like the manager - could have been better developed. But for flying across the country it was pretty good. Between that and iTunes it can almost make a long flight bearable.

When I got home I listened to the SOTU - I liked the speech and wonder whether the "man from searchlight" - who seemed more like a man in the headlights or the congresswoman from botox actually get the joke. Isn't the opposition supposed to come up with a convincing alternative? Set a timetable for leaving Iraq - great idea! Keep Social Security in its shambles until we really have to act quickly - another great idea! Who is this kid in Searchlight and can someone really believe the story was not yet just another politician's invented life?

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