Monday, February 14, 2005

The Nobel Peace Prize; The NYT and the Washington Post

Dan Henninger, the WSJ political Friday columnist, suggested that the people of Iraq should be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. What a wonderful idea. The burning image of the election was the young woman with ink on her finger. The stories of people braving the terrorists threats to cast there vote will be in my memory each election day for the rest of my life. It seems so mundane to walk down the street and cast a vote - even though our votes sometimes actually count. His article is on the WSJ opinion page.

The New York Times and the Washington Post published differing stories about the election results - seems the Post said multiparty democracy is bad for the region - can they find anything about W that they will report fairly? The NYT reported that the election was likely to prevent a theocracy from being formed - seems multiparties will need to do some negotiating.

But back to the Peace Prize - after offering it to Carter for his manifold buffoonery - it would almost be an affront to the brave people who exercised their franchise. Remember Carter was the one who thought the Chavez election was OK. But sometimes the right thing to do is self evident. Let's hope the Nobel committee does the right thing.

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