Friday, February 04, 2005

Gonzalez Confirmed but then there is California

The dems protesth too much. Gonzalez, like Miguel Estrada before him, was/is a great nominee. Ken Salazar was especially unimpressive - indeed the whole point is to offer opportunity not based on race or ethnic background. But the AG was a nominee based on his qualifications and the dems who voted against him did so because they thought wrong of his ethnic background - at least as they conceive of how he lives his life. The Grand Kleegle from West Virginia, who masks as the senior senator, must be quite happy.

As one looks at the proposal by the Governor to change redistricting it does not look as advertised. The 1990s process was actually pretty good - but this proposal includes a zinger to link partisan advantage in districts - in essence to compact the partisan splits. In reality there are areas of the state where dems and reps have huge advantages and the notion of compact districts and protecting commuities of interests, IMHO, is more important than trying to get the exact political split in the legislature. The ideal here should be to force most elected representatives to move to the center. This one needs more scruitiny.

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