Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Davos - real or absurd

One of the things that came to mind with the leaving of HPs Chief is whether the Davos forum is real or absurd - or real absurd.

There have been a couple of things that happened this year that suggest that Davos is an event whose utility is questionable. Is this an event for people in the know to tell the rest of us how much they know? Or a secret handshake society? Or merely a locus for a bunch of overly inflated egos that need a place to hang out? Has its utility declined? Is this the current edition of Renaissance Weekend?

Consider this - Carly was a constant and visible presence at Davos - should she have spent more time thinking about how to make HP better? What did she learn about business there?

Eason Jordan made the idiotic comments about the US role in targeting journalists. CNN is a joke but this made them look even more foolish. They have since seemingly tried to obscure the comments which several reliable commentators from left and right have reported. Did Jordan really think he could take a cheap shot and not get caught?

The WSJ produced an interesting an informative guide to getting things done at Davos. Yes, there seem to be a lot of movers in the world at at least part of the conference. But the way it has grown you now need to plan your efforts at going there - which events to get to, how to snuggle up to the CEOs or government officials in the right receptions.

Should they now have a red carpet entrance like other trashy celebrity events? I wonder.

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