Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Government Pervasions

Still think government is not overly intrusive?

The sign was in a restroom in San Antonio, Texas in a restaurant.  I understand that there can be a case made for notifying women of the risks of drinking while pregnant.  Although why government should require such postings is beyond me.  The press has given lots of warning about the danger of alcohol.  So have doctors. It is hard to find a doctor or other authority who does not warn about the risks of alcohol.  I'm not sure whether the effects of alcohol are more toxic or whether the move in this direction is an example of over caution. These kinds of things should be a choice of the mother - and if we have a greater recognition of the small risks of moderate drinking then we should probably make pregnant mothers aware.    Although I am not sure what is so different generations of infants were raised by mothers who drank during pregnancy.  How successful is the record of government protecting people from themselves?  In my mind, not that successful.   Even with those cautions, I can live with the idea of putting these kinds of notices in places where women are likely to consume alcohol.

What gets me about the warning notice is that it was in the Mens room.  I wonder how many of the people who read this actually are likely to get pregnant.  Is it put there to encourage men to tell this to their wives/dates?    I guess some idiotic law requires the posting of these notices to follow "gender neutrality" rules.

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