Saturday, October 09, 2010

A couple of sports I do not understand

Today we were at our grandson's football game.  He is 8.  Accompanying this team is a group of cheerleaders.  Every time I see them I cringe.  They seem, even more than college cheerleaders, less in tune with the game than almost anyone in the stands.  A lot of their routines are prepared and don't seem to go with the game in progress.

Tonight we went to a fund raiser for our parish and as part of the entertainment, we had an accordion player and a group of young energetic tap dancers.  I understand the energy it takes to learn tap routines. But I just do not get the point.

Call me a cheerleading and tap dancing curmudgeon.  I am not denying the obvious preparation that either activity takes, but after all that work, I still do not get the point.  Both activities seem almost an anachronism to an earlier time.

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