Friday, October 22, 2010

Boggling the mind

I have just gotten finished with an intensive two day annual meeting.  It was a wonderful event.  We tried to think about the future without me as the leader of the organization.  Tomorrow I am going to speak at the board of one of my members.   As I came into town I went to the hotel and found this sign.

Admittedly, I could be tired but the sign raised more questions than it answered.  How does the destination hotel for Fresno get designated?  If this is the destination hotel (about two short blocks from the airport) what does it say about the rest of the hotels in town?   Were these the only letters in the sign guy's kit?  Is that a backwards 2 or an S?  What is a destination hotel in Fresno?  Does that mean it is near a destination or would people from say Sanger visit here to see what happens in the big city?

The air terminal is called the Fresno Air Terminal (no grandiose designs about being an "international" terminal like Sacramento once was (with Mexicana now gone are we back to SMF - Municipal Field or will we cling to our past glory based on the notion that at one time one flight originated here in the middle of the night to go to Guadalajara).   I wonder what the acronym for the Fresno Area Rapid Transit System is?  But then as I said I may be tired.

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