Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on the Apple Store Experience

Note the comment on the earlier post.   My commenter did what I ended up doing.  I came back about 6:30 PM and the line was considerably shorter.  I got in line and went through it and was out by about 8 PM.  The commenter's suggestion is equally sound - schedule a time to do the pick-up and give people a limited time to exercise it.

I am an inveterate researcher on things like this so while in line I asked a bunch of my fellow waiters to tell me about their experience.  They all said they were a bit bummed out by the wait for a supposed reservation.  Two people in the line did what I did - came out, left and then came back.

I also spoke with two sales associates and got some additional insight.  First, the number of reservations far exceeded estimates according to one sales associate.   That would suggest even more attention to improving the customer experience.  Apple's technology often exceeds customer expectations.  On this case the purchase experience was well below my expectations.  In this case I also agree with my commenter - this is the last time I will go into the store to purchase a new device but I also agree that the product is pretty slick - more on that later.

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