Sunday, June 20, 2010

.500 Ball

 Last night against the Salt Lake Bees and 70 games into the season the Rivercats came back to .500 ball.  It was not easy.  Unlike Friday's 16-6 rout, the Cats stumbled a bit in this one.  In the eighth, leading 7-1, they replaced Clay Mortenson with Jamey Wright.  In one and two thirds innings Wright gave up 6 runs, including a 3 run homerun off Mark Trumbo.  That left Wright with an ERA that is almost 15.  He's new but this was not a good outing.

Michael Benacka came in and stopped the bleeding but we came into the bottom of the ninth tied.  We quickly filled up the bases and the Bees began to play in.  They left only two in the outfield - it looked like a lineup around the bases.  We filled the bases and then Corey Wimberly came up to bat and you can see the results for yourself.

The Cats are 10.5 games out of first in their division.  In order for them to have a chance to get to the playoffs two things have to happen.  First, they need to continue to play strong ball (obviously).  But second, the Fresno Grizzlies, who are currently 45-24, need to fall off their pace a bit.   In the last 10 games the Rivercats have come up to their potential going 8-2.  And games like the last two certainly give the fans some hope.

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