Friday, June 25, 2010

Comparing iPhones

This morning I thought it would be interesting to show the four models of the iPhone next to each other. They are left to right - the first model to the fourth.   A couple of things are apparent.  First, Apple's design keeps working, just as it did with the iPod.   More importantly, and this will post later.  The cameras keep getting better.  I did some test shots of the new video feature last night and think the 4 video is vastly superior.   Ditto for the camera.  I will post some comparisons in the next few days.

A couple of other anomalies showed up.  Note the clock,  the first generation clock is a bit off because it has not updated to the network.   The fourth generation is a bit off - although based on the Apple clock on my desktop - 7:13 was the correct time.

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