Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Son in Law - the Tech Guru

My son in law also got an iPad -  from work.  So since he got his we have traded ideas about how to use the new device.   His company, Disney, has begun to integrate iPads into their workflow.  He has taught me a couple of things.  First, he figured out quickly that this is a consumption device - to allow him to a) read all sorts of stuff like newspapers and blogs and b) to access tons of stuff that is on other computers.  But second, this morning he explained how he is using an application to assure he has just in time documents.

One of my goals in this is to reduce the amount of paper I need to carry around. I have tons of things I have created - from presentations, to spreadsheets and documents, to photos.  Many of them are on disparate servers in who knows where.  I put a lot of my key documents on my iDisk.  But also want to get into Google Docs and places like iWork - where I keep a lot of my Keynote presentations.

My son in law told me this morning about Good Reader.  It is a 99¢ app that allows you to do all those things and more.  In an earlier review I explained that some alternatives for this same purpose did not work and were poorly documented.  Good Reader does not have that problem.  It is simple and intuitive.  What a useful tool!

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