Monday, March 29, 2010

The President according to the WP poll

The WP has a new poll out and the numbers should not be encouraging to the President.  The best way to look at these snapshots of opinion is to array the Strongly Approve against the Strongly Disapprove.  On the following questions the President's ratings are in the tank.  Health care - negative 10%; handling of the economy - negative 17%; budget deficit - negative 16%.  The good news for the President is that his numbers have not deteriorated since January.  The bad news is that a) they have not improved and more importantly b) the expected bounce on health care seems not to have materialized.  The right direction/wrong direction poll is against the President by 22% (38-60).  While there is still time for the Administration to recover - the numbers are pretty strongly against his policies.  26% of the responses were angry about the health care changes.  (Admittedly the skew on GOP is heavy but the independents are grumpy too.)   According to the Post "More people see the changes as making things worse, rather than better, for the country's health-care system, for the quality of their care and, among the insured, for their coverage. Majorities in the new poll also see the changes as resulting in higher costs for themselves and for the country."  And "About half of all poll respondents said the plan creates "too much government involvement" in the health-care system, a concern that is especially pronounced among Republicans."

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